The 7th Dimension

Old School Retro House livestream (spring 2020).


Thomas Fava - The 7th Dimension


  1. Blue Alphabet Cybertrance (Original Mix) [Bonzai Records]
  2. DJ Hitch Hiker and Jacques Dumondt New Dimension (Original) [Bonzai Records]
  3. Jens Loops & Tings (Fruit Loops Remix) [Superstition Records]
  4. Lunatic Asylum The Meltdown [MMR Productions]
  5. Yves Deruyter Outsiders (Original Mix) [Bonzai Records]
  6. Sunbeam Outside World [Suck Me Plasma]
  7. Desperation Our Reservation (Original) [Byte Records]
  8. Thunderball Bonzai Channel One [Bonzai Records]
  9. Commander Tom Are Am Eye (Yves Deruyter Remix) [Noom Records]
  10. Samuel L. Jackson Ezekiel 25:17 (Pulp Fiction) [PolyGram Records]
  11. Sato The Riddler (Neutron mix) [Mostiko]
  12. DJ Bounty Hunter II Woops [Bonzai Records]
  13. Dave Davis Transfiguration (Original Mix) [Bonzai Records]
  14. Dune Can't Stop Raving (Montini Experience Remix) [Urban]
  15. RMB Love is an Oncean (Stephenson Remix Extended) [Low Spirit Recordings]
  16. Cherrymoon Trax In My Electric House (DJ Hitch Hiker and Jacques Dumondt Remix) [Bonzai Records]
  17. Yves Deruyter Calling Earth (Original Mix) [Bonzai Records]
  18. Jones & Stephenson The First Rebirth (Original Mix) [Bonzai Records]
  19. Ramirez El Gallinero [DFC]
  20. Danger Hardcore Team Alone [Danger Hardcore Tracks]