The table of Brotherhood

Live at Cour & Jardin (spring 2019).


Thomas Fava - The table of Brotherhood


  1. Martin Luther King Sit down together at The table of Brotherhood
  2. Pat Krimson Taboo Bells (Voodoo Mix)
  3. Da Hool Meet Her At The Loveparade
  4. Komakino Man On Mars (DJ Jan Remix)
  5. At The Villa People Open Your Eyes
  6. Energy 52 Café Del Mar (Three N One Remix)
  7. Puncher The Wall (Dub Wall Dub Mix)
  8. Systematic Parts Violin De La Nuit (Marco Joosten Classic Mix)
  9. Paul van Dyk For An Angel (PvD E-Werk Club Mix)
  10. The Sunclub Fiesta De Los Tamborileros (Forrest Dream Mix)
  11. Darude Sandstorm (Extended)
  12. Liquid feat. Silvy Turn The Tide (Original Version)
  13. PPK Resurection (Space Club Mix)
  14. Fiocco Spread The Word Around (Vocal Extended)
  15. The Mackenzie feat. Jessy Innocence (Club Mix)
  16. Fiocco Afflitto (Original 1997 Mix)
  17. Ian Van Dahl feat. Marsha Castles In the Sky (Extended Mix)
  18. La Luna Venus (One Touch Of Venus Mix)
  19. Nunca House of Doom (Atmoz Remix)
  20. Southside Spinners Luvstruck (Marco V. + Benjamin 2000 Mix)
  21. Out of Grace Anglia (Original Mix)
  22. Milk Inc. Walk On Water (Peter Luts Remix)
  23. DJ Jan X-Santo (Angel Mix)
  24. Scoop Drop It (Extended)
  25. R.O.O.S. Instant Moments (Moederoverste Onie Mix)
  26. Moby Hymn (European Mix)
  27. C.M. Dream Universe (Original mix)
  28. Push Universal Nation (Original Long)
  29. Kai Tracid feat. Jade 4U Liquid Skies (Eternia Audio Lab Mix)