Toasted bread, soft on the outside and crispy on the inside. By toasting two slices of bread against each other and then swapping them, the bread gets a whole new tasting experience.

It's best to use freshly baked bread for a toastas, that way the contrast between the soft outside and the toasted inside will be large enough. You also can make it with sugar bread or raisin bread. Delicious for breakfast or an afternoon snack.


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What you need

  • Two slices of freshly baked bread
  • Bread topping (of your choice)
  • Toaster


  1. Put the two slices of freshly baked bread together in one slot of the toaster, long sides together. Turn on the toaster and let it grill slowly.

  2. After toasting, remove the two slices from the toaster at the same time and place them together.

    Spread the top toasted slice with butter, chocolate, jam or another topping of your choice (smoked salmon, cheese, sprinkles, banana slices, brown sugar, cinnamon).

  3. After topping, move the bottom slice upwards so that the two toasted sides are on the inside of the toast shaft with the topping in between. The outside should be soft. Press lightly.

  4. The toastas is ready. Enjoy.